Home sleep tests.

Home Sleep Tests are performed in the patient's own home. The patient will be given the proper equipment and gear to wear overnight to diagnose sleep apnea. Precise instructions and guidance will be given to the patient to inform them on how to properly use the equipment and begin the exam. This test measures the patient’s heart rate, breathing and airflow patterns, and blood oxygen levels. Once the exam is complete, the results will be sent to a specialist to evaluate and decide the proper diagnosis.

Nocturnal polysomnography.

This method of testing requires the patient to sleep overnight in a lab facility where a specialist will monitor, record, and read the results. The patient will be monitored throughout the night with sensors attached to different parts of the body. These sensors will record the patient’s brain waves, heartbeat, breathing patterns, and movement while sleeping.


There are also other effective tests utilized to diagnose sleep apnea. Other tests include: