What is Physchopath?

A person suffering from a chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior. The true definition of a psychopath in psychiatry is antisocial personality disorder (ASPD)

The Zodiac Killer

Like Jack the Ripper, no one knows who The Zodiac Killer really is. Unlike Jack, the Zodiac did not seclude himself to the shadows, however. One reason that his murders were so sensational was that he would frequently reach out to various media outlets, teasing them with codes and riddles. The killer was active in the ’60s and ’70s, but there has been no trace of him since his final letter to the press in 1974. Even though psychologists never had the chance to examine him, his crimes showed the lack of empathy of a psychopath.

Richard Ramirez a.k.a The Night Stalker

According to thoughtcatalog.com, Ramirez’s victims ranged in age from nine to eighty-three, and he did not have a particular preference for gender. He ravaged Los Angeles in the ’80s with his brutal, Satanic killings, simply because he was fascinated by it. That’s not to say it had nothing to do with his upbringing, however. When he was just 11-years-old, he witnessed his cousin murder his wife—and was asked to participate in the clean-up afterward.


In the late 1800s, America’s first serial killer appeared. He called himself H.H. Holmes, and he was a doctor, as well as the architect of a huge Chicago hotel that would later become known as the “Murder Castle.” He built the hotel for the very purpose of murdering and concealing his victims, constructing labyrinthine passageways and trap doors only he knew about. He’s not just fascinating because he was the first known serial killer in America, but because he was such a methodical, efficient psychopath.

Jack The Ripper

London’s Jack the Ripper was never properly identified, but he is world famous. Not only did he kill prostitutes in the late 1800s, but he removed their sex organs as well. Not much is known about him, but it is clear that he had a severe hatred of women, particularly prostitutes, which has led some people to theorize that his mother might have been one as well. He left his victims on full display on the street for police and citizens to discover.